【NADNYE】High-quality drinks with fantastic dishes in a Western castle-like house (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

Good evening!
This is Neko reporting today!

I am in Shinjuku San-choume to experience a newly opened bar called「NADNYE」!
I heard that this place is run by the same company as the very famouse bar “Donzoko” which has been operating for 65 years!

I am excited!!!


▲ This is the entrance!

Go up the stairs and


▲ Gallant!!!!

Look at this wide range of drink!!!!!!


▲ We are seated here xD

The interior is very chick and I love this atmosphere!!!
The sofa is super comfy too!!


▲ The Otoushi (A small appetizer comes with first drink) was this. It is Sweet corn soup with bread.

Very unique!

We ordered some dishes.




『Fresh Carpaccio』


『Oven grill colorful vegetables』


『Mix Pizza by「Donzoko」』

This is way too tasty!!! The amount of cheese is amazing and it is addictive!!

『エビとアボカドのグラタン アメリケーヌソース』

『Prawn and avocado gratin with American sauce』

『ラムチョップのグリル 4P』

『Grilled lamp chop 4P』

This is seasoned well and I didn’t need any sauce!!


『3 different Mangarizza sausages』

Mangarizza is a Hungarian specialty and is a very rare pork.


▲ We are highly satisfied with the food and drniks here xD

Thank you「NADNYE」