【Sakaba Bistro WAIGAYA by Saka (Shinjuku Nishiguchi brunch)】Italian x Japanese pub for a cheerful evening! (Shinjuku, Tokyo)


This is Nakano Maclain!

Today I came to「WAIGAYA」in Shinjuku! So let me report my experience!

It is a very popular Bar-Bistro!


▲ Looking schick!!!


▲ seems to be a good lace for a couple to date, or girls to party too!

What made me surprised was the pricing!


▲ Whisky soda and Lemon cider is for 390 yen?

The soft drinks are for 300 yen!!!


▲ The food menu has a wide range from ordinary pub food to unique dishes!


▲ I start my dinner with Lemon cider today xD


▲ The Otoushi (A small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this mysterious dish xD

It was unique and tasty!!!


『Waigaya salad(Pork and Tofu salad)』700yen

This is exactly the kind of salad I love! The seasoning is rich and it is satisfying for men too!!!


『Adults’ Ham deep fries』490円


『Steamed chicken and Ooba Peperoncino』850yen850円

This pasta dish was grate! It wasn’t oily and tempting so I ate it all in a minute xD

The last dish is of course meat!!!


『Teriyaki whole chicken』half size(for 2~4person)1,280円/a whole chicken(6~8person)2,560円

Look at this volume!!! And it was very juicy!!!
I did not think I would finish all but in fact I did xD

It was very satisfying and the cost performance was amazing!

I know that I will come back here soon!!!

Thank you「WAIGAYA」!!