【KAIKYOU Yasukuni-douri brunch】 A mega chain Izakaya’s reality of today!


This is Ebizo!!!

Today I came to Shinjuku!
I would like to repot my dinner at 「KAIKYOU Shinjuku yasukuni-douri brunch」!!
I used to do my art time work in the another brunch of KAIKYOU when I was in university xD (long time ago….. lol)


▲ Here xD


▲ It is rather fancy compared to other chain Izakaya.


▲ Today I am with my friends from university xD♪


▲ The menu xD


▲ They are all 390 yen r 500 yen?!?!?!?!


I found some dishes that I remember from the time I was working in a sister brunch xD but many others are new!!!!!

Opps! I forgot to take a photo of the Otushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks!)
It was popcorn as it was back in the time xD
It is very popular!!!


『Salmon and avocado carpaccho』

The big pieces of avocado and salmon tempt me badly…….


『Tuna tartar yukke KAIKYOU style』

Wow! This has transformed! Looking much better than how it is used to be! And The taste is as good as before xD


▲ 『Fresh tomato special Margelita』

This is perfect for a big group of people like us!



『Chicken with sour plum mayo grill』

This is my favorite xD
Healthy chicken with heavy sauce is beautiful!!!


『Grilled mocha with melting chease by Mr. Kim』

It is a Korean Japanese fusion menu for it has Kimchi on top xD

三つ目は『丸太棒大根のコトコト煮ステーキ ~フォアグラのせちゃいました~』

『Horse radish stake with foie gras』

Before this was only a horse radish stake without foie gras!
It is a lot more luxury now xD

Sooooo tasty!!!


▲ Tada-!!!

This has been the most popular dish of the house!
『Legend! Young chicken Karaage KAIKYOU style』

The texture is beautifully crispy in contrast to the tender chicken!!!!

I loooooooooooove this and everyone does xD

It was such a nice dinner!