【Taiwan sakimensen Taiwan Bar 888】Taiwan Bar and Kitchen in Nishi-Shinjuku !!!!!! (Tokyo)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo speaking!

Today I am in Shinjuku!

The West side of Shinjuku is slowly becoming a competitor od the East side of Shinjuku in the area of F and B industry!

Today I would like to investigate a newly opened but already popular place called 「Taiwan sakimensen Taiwan Bar 888」!


▲ the entrance!♪


▲ The sign is unique!


▲ Today I am with the manager of a very popular restaurant in Ikebukuro! ♪

She is Atchan!


▲ The menu!

We ordered of course!…….


『Taiwan beer』♪


『Taiwan Kikurage marinated with garlic sauce』

Isn’t this the best ?????? xD

『ピータン豆腐 まぜまぜ台湾式』

『Piitan Tofu mix Taiwan style』

This was very unique and new to us! Interestng!!


▲ Shoukoushu with soda『Taipei High ball』

With soda, Shoukoushu is a lot easier to enjoy!! It was flavorful and tasty xD

『大根モチ 新竹在住 張さん直伝版』

『Daikon mocha Taiwan style』

Very soft Taiwan Daikon mochi! I enjoyed it so much xD


『Taiwan sakimensen』

a very popular dish of the house!

It contains pork innards stewed with Taiwan soy sauce and chicken, Asari selfish and coriander! The soup was based on bonito soup stock!
It was sooooo addictive!!!

When you miss Taiwan cuisine, this is surely the place for you!!!!!