【da vinci】How can it be kept as a soooo hidden place of the locals’?? A super nice Italian BAR and Kitchen in Kabukichou!

Good evening!
This is Ebizo again!

Today I am here in Kabukichou to investigate an Italian Bar called 「da vinci」!

It is located in a very hidden corner!


▲ This is the place!


▲ The inside is like this xD

There are some private rooms inside as well but I would like to sit in the bar to enjoy the conversation with the chefs xD


▲ We are having Chili white wine!


▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink)


『Appetizers on plate』

This house has only 20 seats but offers more than 70 different dishes!!!!
It is amazing!


▲ The chef has been a professional in French cuisine and opened this bar to produce fusion Italian and Spanish!!!


▲ The range of the menu is amazing too!!!

島田 英紀さん(海老蔵はいつもエーキさんと呼んでいます。)

▲ He is the chef!!

We only tell him the taste we like, the ingredients we demand, and he chooses what exactly satisfy us!!!!

For example, this one!


▲ Something like Arabiata without Pasta and can match well with the wine we are having!♪

He is such an artist!!!!


▲ This Pasta was prepared as my friend said that he wants some pasta with oil sauce.

He Okura plays a big role!!! The spicy oil makes a good harmony with the flavor of the Hum…..

This made my day xD

This hidden place known only by very local people became my secret place xD
I will be visiting here every time I come to Shinjukku, escaping from the crowd, I will be enjoying my night in this Bar xD