【DOTTOHAIRU】Fusion Italian in Mejiro! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening! This is Ebizo!

Today I came to Mejiro area for dinner!

▲ This is the place we chose♪

Let’s go in!

▲ Hello!♪

▲ There is a bar counter too..

Let’s order food!

『Laminae sour』Such a nostalgic drink xD

This reminded of my childhood (*´▽`*)

▲ Ostrich?!

They serve so many different ostrich dishes…..。

『3 different ostrich meat』

Lever, heart and thighs (^_-)-☆


Onion, wine vinegar and olive oil(*´▽`*)





『sausage』 tasty!!!


▲ A photo with the manager.

We look pretty similar lol♪