【Yoyogi SHINKEI】Japanese pub in the『Hobo Shinjuku Norengai』!

Thi is HALOO

Lat night I went to the 『Hobo Shinjuku Norengai』meaning “Almost Shinjuku pub street

It consists of seven different pubs and they are all built in Japanese old wooden house!

The first house I visited is this one!


▲ The fifth one on top in this indicator!

Let’s go♪

▲ Looking nice♪

The house is cheerful♪

▲ Yakitori, Kushiyaki…..

Good evening!

▲ She told us「Please go to the second floor xD!」

so this is the view from our table!

▲ woooooo♪

▲ This is our table♪

Other tables are for bigger groups!

▲ Relaxing♪

▲ Let’s order food and drinks♪

I took a peach liquor with soda and my friend got Shouchu!

▲ Here♪


▲ the first sip♪

Sure rich taste peach drink♡Delicious♡
I shouldnt get drunk so I get soda and

▲ top up my glass♪

▲ Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks)!

wat???? I am surprised because they are….

▲ so funny

look at this!

▲ sooooo small xD

Red miso soup and Daikon oroshi with partridge!

I wished to have bigger potion of Miso soup lol

▲ crunchy cucumber!!

Konbu favor is awesome!

▲ My favorite Ginnan♡


▲ tada—–!!!

My friend got Yakitori♪
For me, Okra♪

▲ Good seasoning!!!!

▲ juicy onion♪

▲ He enjoyed them a lot♪

We are satisfied♪