【Robata SHOU】 Super popular Robata place in Shinjuku!! (Tokyo!!!)


Gooooooood evening everyone!!
This is Ebizo!

Tonight I would like to introduce a fantastic Robata place in Shinjuku!

▲ This is the indication!

▲ Go down here♪

Let’s go(^O^)/

▲ wooohoooooo♪


▲ So full already lol

cheerfully ♪
※It is recommendable to make a reservation some days in advance!

He is the owner「Mr. Shou」

He is very handsome…. I envy…..


Let’s order food!!!

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was Sashimi!!!!!

This is amazing!!!!!

I cannot believe it!!!!! and It’s not just Sashimi! It is actually a plate of 5 different Sashimi!!!!

I don’t know anywhere else serves this gorgeous Sashimi plate as an Otoushi!!!

『Tomato salad』

Soon freshhhh!!!!!♪

『Potato salad』they say that 99 per cent of the customers order this dish!! wooooooow!!!

It is a warm food and sooooooo tasty with the pick salt♪

『A plate of 3 different Obanzai』

They select three most recommendable Banzai from their “today’s obanzai list”(*´з`)

『Smoked Kai-himo』

Such a perfect dish for Sake !(^^)!

『Grilled Kabu with Zuzu citrus miso』

Toooooooo rich and nice…..!!!!!(*´▽`*)

『Onion』from Robata menu

This onion is so sweet and never spicy!It tastes gentle and nice!!!!!

『Fried Tofu miso grill』

So light and crispy (‘’◇’’)ゞ

▲ yayyyyyyy

with everyone♪

This place is super recommendable for all the truly gastronomic ppl♪

Everything was super delicious!!!!!