【ROBATA KOU】Fusion Italian x Japanese cuisine in Shinjuku! (tokyo)


This is Ebizo reporting today!

Today, I am going to explore Shinjuku West area!

Usually, when it comes to Shinjuku, East area is known as a place to go out for fun but today, I would like to find a nice place in the different district of Shinjuku!!!

My friend made a reservation in advance!
And This is the place I will check today!


▲ The entrance!

It is on the second floor so let’s go up the stairs!


▲ The front door!


▲ It is full!!!!!!!

A lot of business people and some couples!

They have some Kotastu style tables too!


▲ They brought a welcome plate with a shot!!!! xD


▲ This is my friend! We know each other since university and today is like a small reunion for us!♪


▲ We are happily starting the dinner xD

Now we know that this place is specialized in Japanese x Italian fusion dishes!!!! xD

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s order food!

見た目も特徴的な『本日のカルパッチョ』 ※この日はタイ。

▲ 『Today’s Carpaccio』


『Tomato and seasonal fruits Caprese』


『Prawn Ahijo』

This matches very well with wine we are having xD

『どんこしいたけの炙り ゴルゴンゾーラソース』

『Donko Shiitake mushroom with Gorgonzola sauce』

mmmm….. This is a WOW!!
And we understand what they mean by “Japanese x Italian fusion”!!!!

Both the Shiitake and Gorgonzola are very rich in taste and the Umami is very deap! They make a grate and strong harmony in mouth…..


▲ He is the manager of the house!

We had such a grate evening!!

Thank you!!!!!