【JANICE WONG】Arty sweets in Shinjuku! (Tokyo)


This is neko! Today we came to the new and already famous building NEWoMan in Shinjuku!

The reason to be here is that a sweets restaurant called「JANICE WONG」in this building is super nice xD


▲ Stylish Black and Gold


▲ Waiting for more friends to arrive xD♪


▲ We can pair the drinks and the course!


▲ And Take-away service too!!♪

Chocolate Cake, Truffle Meringue

▲ 『Chocolate Cake, Truffle Meringue』

We could never imagined how the dish would look like when we saw the titile….. but isn’t this so gorgeuous???!!!!???!!!!

Different texture of each ingredient is such a wonderful harmony!!
The quality of the chocolate and caramel sauce is a jaw-dropping..

Rare Baked Fromage Chestnut Honey

『Rare Baked Fromage Chestnut Honey』

This dish contains many different cheese and the aroma of them is sooooo goooood xD


▲ We are way too excited!!!

If you are a sweets lover, this place is a must to visit!!!!!!!