【Izakaya Kappou 3355】It is a Izakaya but feels like Kappou xD Shinjuku! (Tokyo!!!)

How are you everyone???

I am in Shinjuku Sanchoume today!
I heard that there is a nice wine bar here so I would like to report my evening xD

▲ This is the house!♪

It is called 「Izakaya kappou sansan gogo」

▲ The inside!

They have two separate spaces for smokers and non-smokers!

『Tuna tofu』

This is simple but very tasty!

▲ オススメの『Baked Fu soup』

This is a Kyoto dish. Very nice and warm.

『Chinmi plate』

such a perfect dish for Sake!!!!! xD

『Japanese omelet』

『Fish cake of a bunch of vegetables』

This is addictive and I cannot stop!!!!!

『Taro with sweet corn dip』

Very very nice xD

▲ We are having such a grate time xD!