【Itamae Bar(Shinjuku brunch)】Authentic Japanese bar in a back street in Shinjuku! (Tokyo)

Heyyyyyy gooooood evening!

I am a food fighter Ebozo!

Today I want to explore this place! 「Itamae Bar Shinjuku branch」
I heard that its been always popular since the opening in 2014!
This is known for a place where professional Japanese chefs (Specialized in seafood) is offering Japanese cuisine in Spanish Bar style!

Lets go!


▲ This is how it looks!♪

Lets go inside!♪


▲ Very cheerful!

The is a big counter dining around the kitchen and stylish many tables around it.


▲ This is my company tonight. Family of my friend from university.

Before they take our order, they brought this appetizer that come together with the first drink! (This system is called “Otoushi”)


▲ Look at this quality! This is not an usual Otoushi quality!

名物の『板前箱盛 刺身盛り合わせ』

▲ Very popular dish of this house 『Itamae Hakomori Sashimi Moriawase』!!!

Many different Sashimi! They are all fresh and this presentation with dry ice is awesome!

『白レバー雲丹パテ 焼きブレッドを添えて』

『White lever sea urchin pate with baked bucket』

This combination is beautiful!
This makes us wanna drink white wine!
This makes me remember the goodness of Japanese cuisine, its “We can enjoy the very seasonal things all the time of a year”


『Tartar of seasonal fish』




『Acqua pazza』

The Itamae (chefs)’ work!


▲ We can watch how they prepare the dishes!♪

And our best favorite was this one!


『Negitoro maki』

Usually the rice is rolled with Nori but in this shop its rolled by Tuna and the green onion is on top with wasabi.

Interesting! And it was soooooo tasty!!!!