【KONANA Tokyu Plaza Ginza brunch】Fancy Pasta in Ginza! (Tokyo!!!)



This is Chacha!
I came to Ginza with my colleague and my daughter today!

And we found a very nice restaurant there so I would like to report it!!



▲ Interesting pasta place!


▲ Unique menu!!♪

▲ Looking nice xD


▲ We are seated here xD

▲ lets have a look the menu!


▲ mmmmmm looks so yummy xD


▲ They have somewhat 20 different dishes!

▲ She is happy too xD

▲ My colleague got this xD


▲ The pasta sauce is based on Japanese soup stock.


▲ and mine is this!


▲ Duck and onion with sweet soy sauce pasta!♪

The pasta sauce is very unique and tasty xD

▲ She wants some but cannot eat our food yet..

The house allows us to bring baby food so we were relaxed.

▲ They have sweets too!!!