【Tokyo Gyoza AKARI】Neo fusion Gyoza and craft beer!! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!!


This is Ebizo!!! Today I am in Iidabashi to experience a new style Gyoxa dumpling!!!


▲ The place is called『Tokyo Gyoza AKARI』!

Let’s go in!!(^O^)/

▲ Nice atmosphere xD♪


▲ The manager and a waitress!


▲ I am having this beer tonight xD

This is the world first Hemp beer!! It is organic!!! xD

▲ Tomato and Cheese on the Gyoza dumpling?!?!?!?!!

This is such a new experience!!!!!! They say that it’s the most popular dish of the house!!!


▲ This went well with this craft beer too xD♪


「Fried shrimp Gyoza」

The Tartar sauce is delicious with the dumpling xD

It contains Za-sai!!!!


「Crab miso ahijo」

This was the best favorite dish of mine!!!

I recommend this to everyone xD


Such an interesting place!!!!! I highly recommend this experience!!!!!