【NeRoLi】Fancy, Healthy and Tasty! dessert flower cafe bar in Shimokitazawa (Shibuya/Shinjuku area in Tokyo!)

This is coiku reporting tonight!!
I came to Shimokitazawa with my girlfriend for a nice dinner at Chabuzen, and on the way home I wanted to show her my favorite bar here!!
It is such a lovely place so let me introduce it to you too xD
As we get off the elevator, this view is what we see!

▲ The soaps made out of natural flowers!♪

They are all handmade and organic!!!


Super nice smell!!!!!♡

▲ Tea!!!!♪

Of course organic!!!!
And the bar place is this!!!!♪

▲ ♪

▲ Looking stylish! xD♡

▲ and lovely!!♪

the music here is always cute and nice xD

▲ I love this view too xD♪

▲ the menu!!!♪

So many different types of unique dinks!!!! And all are herbal drinks!!!
All the herbs are brought from the areas where the each herb naturally grow!!♪

▲ Tea and alcoholic drinks!!!♪

▲ Each herb has different healing effects on certain health issue♪

▲ They have sweets too!!♡

They are also made of a lot of herbs!!♪

▲ more♪

▲ and more…!!♡

we will this time go for some cocktails!!

▲ He is the owner and explains all about each drink xD♡

▲ These are his recommendations on our preference and health concerns!♪

Mine taste a bit like medical drink as it is based on medical herbs for my body temperature to be stable and it is not sweet at all but I love the rich flavor of the herbs ad I am super happy xD
I got the same one for my second drink actually xD
The pink one is for my friend and it contains some plum essence.♪

▲ and my friend got the one for her second drink!♪

The peace flavor is super natural and slightly sweet and very delicate!!!
This was crazily addictive!!!!

Inside of the cocktail we found one fresh Japanese cherry xD

▲ so pretty xD♡

we are very very happy tonight xD!!!

I recommend this place for everyone xD !!!