【Izakaya SANZOKU】Kyushu cuisine in Akasaka♪

Good evening!
This is HALOO

I spent the father’s day with my dad in Akasaka and on the way back he wanted to have some small midnight meals♪
「somewhere i can relax….」was his request, and I found this Akachouchi!

▲ Looks nostalgic?

▲ Let’s go♪

Walking down the stairs and,,,,,

▲ Hello!♪

▲ The menu!

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks)♪

Both are seasoned well♪

We ordered some dishes♪
Sincere danced hard tonight we wanted something refreshing!

『Cucumber with Sour plum dip』


▲ and Salad♪

The dressing is a bit spicy and it goes good with Tofu!
Sesame flavor is rich♪

My dad’s favorite『Goya chanpuru』

This Okinawa dish was super nice and my dad wanted to have more food here!

▲ Now he is choosing….

『Japanese pickles』and


『Tofu miso soup』and

『Sardine with Mentaiko』

He wats so much♪ lol
My dad especially liked this sardine dish!
He is a ocean man and knows fish very well.

▲ The owner Mr. Inoue gave s a simile♪

▲ And the last dish was 

『Cheese spring roll』
Black pepper inside is a good accent♪

▲ They have English menu too!

With the photos, you can easily imagine what kind of food they are!
it was a relaxing and tasty place♪