【Agaru Sagaru Nishiiru Higashiiru】Nice atmosphere hidden bar in Harajuku! (Tokyo!)

This is HALOO

Today I encountered very nice place which is so hidden and very special atmosphere in Harajuku♪

▲ This is the entrance located on the tiny street in Harajuku city!

Let’s go inside♪

▲ We go down this cave…

It’s pretty exciting♪

▲ At the door the owner welcomed us♡

▲ The place is moody♪

And the interior looks this、

▲ It’s fancy!♪

And the tables

▲ are located like this in this open space!

▲ They are large and comfy♡


▲ And this is a part of the menu they have!

What should we take?

It’s so relaxing, let’s take the time to decide which foods to order!

▲ Cheers with Sake♪

and the Otoushi (a small appetizer comes with the first drink)♪

▲ was this three♡

The tofu is with salt. The carrot is so sweet♡
The shrimp is seasoned with Shiso!

▲ Cheers♪

Very nice atmosphere♪

▲ The sesame oil is just perfect!!!! This is Coriander salad♪


▲ Chili and beans♪

a ton of beans and much melty cheese on top!!!

This made my friend wanna have some wine♪

So this ♪

▲ Red wine from Chile is his choice♪

He is a huge wine drinker so iI am excited♪

▲ Cheers!!!

▲ Vegetables and shrimp wok♪

The seasoning is based on ginger and it is very refreshing!!!

such a nice dish for summer time!!

▲ Eat eat♪笑


▲ This is my favorite spot actually♪

Even the powder room is classy!

The indirect lighting is perfect and it is super relaxing♪

▲ Can you tell how relaxing it is??? lol

▲ The bar counter is also nice, I can come here alone to enjoy some drinks with this nice atmosphere♪

I cannot believe that this is located in the center of the busyHarajuku city♪