【eat Azabujuban brunch】Authentic Japanese cuisine (Kappou) enjoyed casually!! Azabujuban! (Roppongi area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!!
This is Ebizo!

Today I came to Azabujuban!

A newly opened place called「eat Azabujuban」is where I am going to have my dinner today!

▲ Let’s go♪


▲ The bar counter!

We can look over the open kitchen(^_-)-☆

Seat variation is widely ranged♪

Today I am with,,,,,,,

▲ this two finds of mine!!

Let’s order drinks!!(*^^)v


▲ Sake xD

This is a Sake with fresh citrus aroma(*´ω`*)

『Kaki na dream cheese marinated with black sesame』

Such a beautiful convention !! I am amazed! (*^-^*)


Looking so good♪
Such an authentic Maki sushi!!

▲ The house’s specialty『Oinarisan with truffle』

How luxury!!

▲ This is how they serve the truffle on the Oinarisan!!


Enjoying the quality dishes in this relaxing place perfectly designed for adults is such a grate experience!!!!♪