【JUSMINE THAI Yotsuya brunch】Authentic thai restaurant!

This is Chacham reporting today!

I found a nice Thai restaurant located just 5 minutes away from Yotsuya station♪

「JUSMINE THAI Yotsuya brunch」is the place!

▲ It is hidden in a residential street!!


▲ Today i came here with my girlfriends and our children♪

The house is almost full!

Let’s order food xD!

The first dish is this!


「Green papaya salad」This is recommendable for those who like spicy food!

Goes very good with cold beer!!

The next dish is this!

『North east Thailand snacks』

Very herby dish!!!!

▲ LOL it is hard to take photos with children xD


The next dish is this!


『Whole prawn bbq』

The sauce is amazing!


▲ The house is child friendly and we could feed babies the food we brought.






『Green curry』

I recommend this dish for everyone!!!
It is very delicious!!!


『Patthai with egg』

With lemon squeeze and fish soy sauce, this dish rates just perfect!!!

I live quite far from this area but i know that i should come back here again xD