【THE APOLLO】Authentic Greek cuisine in Ginza! (Tokyo!!!)

This is Chacha♪

Today I came to this Greek restaurant in Ginza!

▲ It is located in the Sukiyabashi crossing that you don’t miss!

「THE APOLLO」is on the 11th floor of the building!

▲ Looking very nice!

▲ and fancy♪

we are very excited for the Greek cuisine♪

▲ how nice to look down on the Ginza street♪

▲ with fancy dishes♪

We ordered my friend’s recommendation!

▲ but they have the course menu too! reasonable pricing is nice xD

▲ They have many different drinks too!

Many of them contain cheese and yoghurt ♪

「Greek salad」is a must order right?

Soooooooo tasty xD look at this huge feta cheese!!!

▲ The tomato with the feta cheese is so beautiful!!

▲ ♪

My gastronomic friend Mayu!

▲ We left our children at home so we can relax today xD


▲ woooooohoooooooooo!!

Cheese, honey and lemon are so good together? I never knew before!!!!!!
It was too delicious and I wished to have a lot more of this lol!!!

and the meat dish of course!!

▲ So sweet pork meat makes me melt…….♪

▲ soooooo heavy but nice xD

▲ we are happy xD

and finally the desert!!!

▲ One plate was sufficient for two ppl!!♪



ith coffee, this tastes sooooooo wonderful!!!
I highly recommend this♪