【Enoki restaurant】Tokyo cuisine by French chef!!!


This is Yukachi reporting tonight!!

I would like to introduce this place called “Enoki restaurant” tonight!

It won the first place in the Tokyo cuisine competition for three times and now the owner chef is the assessor of the competition!

▲ This is the place!

Let’s go inside♪

▲ The bar counter

Since I wanted to have a chat with the chef I took a seat here♪

▲ They have tables too!

The commodities for babies are offered for free in the toilet♪

Such a family friendly place!

▲ Wooooo… It seems many famous ppl have visited here!


Let’s start our dinner♪

『Enoki special shouchu』『Whisky soda (Yamasaki)』¥580

The Enoki special drink has very rich taste and is addictive♪

『Shrimp and avocado tartar』¥1080

The wasabi sauce on top has fresh wasabi texture and it is super delicious♪

『Chicken skin with Ponzu and Oni-oroshi』¥420

This local chicken is very rich in both taste and texture wise♪

This makes us wanna have some more drinks!


Very interesting drink!This shouchu is based on Onion!

Let’s choose some dish that seems to go well with this unique and taste drink♪

『Angel shrimp』¥450/piece

The sauce is also based the shrimp and it is so rich♪

▲ 3rd shot is 『Whisky soda -Yamazaki none-age』¥580

We had very much more alcohol than we usually do!!!

The last dish is 『Ultimate Oyakodon』¥1650

It is served in a hot pod!All the components of this dish including the rice and the egg is very high quality!

『House made Red hot chili』

This was served as an extra topping for the Oyakodon♪ Spicy hot and yummy♪ I enjoyed this individually as well♪

They only use the products and raw materials that are locally produced in Tokyo.
I was very happy with all the dishes♪

▲ The owner chef and his wife xD

We had a nice chat with them♪♪

Thank you very much for the grate evening!!!