【Kuidokoro Bar HASHIMARU】Amazing Konnyaku Oden experience in Akasaka!! (Tokyo!!)

Hello♪ This is HALOO

Today i would like to introduce an amazing Oden place in Akasaka♪
It is specialized in Kyoto style Oden♪

▲ He is my friend who took me here♪

And the place is this♪

「Kuidokoro HASHIMARU」


▲ Good evening♪

We are seated♪

▲ Let’s have a look at the menu♪

▲ We ordered drinks and some appetizers♪

▲ Cheers♪

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) is this♪

▲ Pasta salad♪

and our first dish is this♪

▲ Fried Tofu♡

Sooooo crispy outside and super tender inside!

▲ woooooooooooo♡

▲ The second drink SAKE♪

▲ How fuuuun xD

Let’s have something for Sake!

▲ Chamame! Edamame!♪

very sweet♡ so tasty!

and! the main dish!

▲ Kyoto Oden♡

Even just the aroma from Oden is tasty♡笑

▲ my potion♡

Each Oden is juicy with the soup stock…!
And what makes me fall in love was the konnyaku!!!!!
The texture is like tummy but at the same time it is moist and fluffy then in the end it is slippy xD
Especially the moist of it is so impressive!!!!

i was too excited about this amazing quality of Konnyaku and

▲ he told me that i can have as much of it as i like!

So we ordered more of it♪


▲ Two different Konnyaku!!!!

The white one too!
So nice texture again♡。。sighs…..♡
Delicious♡ happy…..♡
Suppppppper satisfied♪

I loved all about this place!!