【Edosakaba UMI】Hyper nice hidden pub where crazy happy ppl gather♪ (Harajuku, Tokyo!!!!)


This is coiku

It took me a long while to make up mind to publish my best favorite pub in Japan♪

I can say that you are very super lucky if you are reading this article coz this place has never been introduced like this!!!!! Only by the WOM, it has been super popular just among the locals for nearly 20 years now!!!!

▲ This is it♪

This place has been here serving fantastic evening everyday to the Harajuku local ppl♪
The inspirations ppl share in this place is enormous!
And it even operates daytime as well to already start serving nice evening!!

and that is 「Edosakaba UMI」

▲ The entrance♪

We go in from here♪
You may think it is someone’s house but do not worry it is a shop♪

▲ It is OPEN♪

▲ Good afternoon♪

Just like this since early evening even afternoon you can get to see the local ppl having goo time♪
They are hopping pub to pub every evening and they start it here♡
Hello hello and let’s go inside♪

▲ So welcomed!!! and the one in red shirt is the owner Mr. Sakura♡

and the one in the center is the super DJ Kumepiko♪ the in the left is a Yoga instructor Mr. Shounen!♡
You can meet them almost everyday♡
This lace is attractive and attract attractive pl♪

▲ There is one chair and that is my place! lol

I mean, my favorite place to b♪ It looks like this from my place♪

▲ Menu on the wall♪

Some of them are dishes of the day, but most of them are regular dish♪
They are all prepared by mr. Sakura each morning♪

I don’t know how much you can tell the taste by these photos but i must say that they are sooooooo gooooood!!!!!

▲ He is such a super chef♪

Over 60yo! and a weekend surfer♡
He is so cool and nice♪
I love his energy and come here like everyday then i have one dish even when i am not hungry but it is to tasty and i usually end up eating many dishes!!!! lol

▲ Vegetables, Japanese pickles ♪

This is not just picked tho!!!
Citrus flavor is beautifully dressed and it is not as salty as ordinary Japanese pickles♪

Seriously saying, I take 30 seconds to finish it♪ lol

His cook turns me into a monster!!!

▲ Eggplant♪

This was tasty yoo♪ Early summer eggplant♪ He is so good at emphasizing the natural beautiful taste of vegetables♡

▲ It is getting to b even more cheerful now…

Let’s look it from the window..

▲ Many ppl got drinks from Mr. Sakura’s and enjoy them outside xD♪

▲ This is also everyday scene here♪

with kids and dogs♡

▲ Here r my favorite friends♪

It is such a frienlt place and once you are here you are already their friend♡
They are all nice♪
It is so nice to be here and i wanna eat something more ♪

▲ Myouga and cucumber

Myouga and Shiso make the cucumber dish perfect …..!!
It is so simple and the best♪
Sighs sighs sighs so beautiful …..and had it all in a minute….


▲ this is what my friend was having♪

yes♪ He even offers worm food too♡
The taste is guaranteed!

▲ Harusame♪

One of the many reasons why the gastronomic local ppl keep visiting here every evening is that he doesn’t season too salty like usual pubs in Japan.
The pricing and the atmosphere are amazing too but overall the main attraction is Mr. sakura’s personality♡

Some days of week, his son who is a musician is operating this house instead of him♡
the food is prepared by Mr. Sakura tho♪

▲ and you know what this is?。

It is the entrance of toilet♡lol  cute!

▲ We all welcome you♪