【MAISON BRETONNE Gallet】Authentic French restaurant specialized in Gallet!!! Sasazuka (Shibuya/ Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!)


This is coiku
Today I would like to introduce my favorite Galette place in Sasazuka♪

This is the entrance♪

▲ Looking very much European♪ this place is very outstanding in this shopping street♪


▲ Look at this little lovely terrace♡

Very often I see many French people enjoying their evening here!

▲ Little piggy welcomes you♪

▲ Let’s go inside

Good evening!!!!

▲ Sooooo cheeful♪

▲ and look how lovely the house is♡

Each detail is nice♪

▲ ♡

The menu is this♪

▲ The seasonal recommendation♪


▲ regular meu♪

since it is a Galette shop,

▲ they have pages like this.

all in English and French languages too♪

Today I came here with two friends of mine♪

▲ My friend go this beer♪ super icy-cold♪

and this beer is a special one coz

▲ it is called “Sasazuka beer” xD

Even my friends who live in Sasazuka has never seen this before!
This shows that Sasazuka town in rapidly developing♪

▲ Another friend has ordered 『Apple cider』

It was served in this beautiful cup♡

Now the food is coming!

▲ otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink)♪

It was the crunch part of Galette
The natural sweetness of buckwheat is amazing!!!
I cannot stop eating this and desire to have a lot more xD lol


▲ My vegetarian Galette!!!♪

They told me that I can choose four unites of vegetable so I got eggplant, zucchini and two times of fresh tomato xD and it appears to be this♪

Mayo was vegan mayo made of soy!!!
Three different textures are amazing! crunchy the corner, moist the center where the vegetables lay and sticky the other parts!!!
I am so addicted to this quality Galette!!!

▲ My friend’s salmon Galette with white asparagus as an additional topping




▲ another friend’s order♪

eggs mushroom and meat! such a good meal for my macho friend♪

and since they two have been drinking, they ordered this side dish!!

▲ so much on one plate!!

satisfying xD!!!♪

▲ The local ppl at  the bar told us to join them♪

The schef and the regular fun customers♪ Super friendly and nice♪

▲ too fun♪lol

▲ they say that they all met here and became friends!

such a nice place to meet nice ppl♪

▲ They told me there favorite dish of the house♪

Carrot salad with olive oil and nuts♡

It is fantastic><!!!!!

and i got this as well!

Kuskus and beans salad

This was also beautiful!!!!!!!
It consists of many different kinds of beans and kuskus and herbs and tasty dressing.

Next time I would like to have some wine here with them♡