【IKKAKU Yokohama Nishiguchi brunch】Enjoy Chicken dishes of Kagawa pref.!!!

Good evening!
This is Ebizo!

Tonight I came to a special place to enjoy Chicken in Kagawa pref. style!!!

The main brunch is in Kagawa pref. and it opened the Yokohama brunch which is this one!


▲ This is the building♪

Let’s go inside(^O^)/

▲ Very cheerful!!!

Look how full the house is!

Let’s have some food!


The house’s specialty!

▲ This is 『Oyadori』

The texture is rather hard and very rich in flavor!

▲ This is 『Hinadori』

This one is super tender!

▲ This came with the chicken 『Cabbage』

We dipped it into the sauce of the chicken dish(^_-)-☆

▲ then『Onigiri』

Look how we ate it!

▲ with the chicken sauce♡

My senior taught me this♪

▲ She is my friend who is known as a gastronomic girl in town!

She and I  highly recommend this house♪