【na.cuis】Carefully selected vegetables from Nasu makes such beautiful Italian dishes! (Elise/Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

This is coiku

Today I introduce a nice Italian place I encountered the other day♪

▲ This is the building♪

Takes just 1-2 minute walk from Gotanda station♡

▲ inside the house♪

very clean and shiny♡

▲ Drink bar♪

It was so full even in the lunch time!!

▲ salad bar (all you can eat)♡

This quality is amazing!!

That is why my friend took me here today!! as I am a vegetarian and this place serves super good vegetables♡

▲ all are so sophisticated♡

Very fresh vegetables from Nasu♡

I got my salad like this lol

▲ haha what a greedy♡

I know that I shouldn’t be so greedy but i followed my heart and it turned out to be like this…..♡

soooooooo delicious♡
awash vegetable is just too good!!!
I got it twice…. actually…..♡lmao

▲ The main♪

My friend’s pasta♪

Nori and Kobashira soupy Cream pasta sauce♪

and mine is……. thiiiiiis xD

▲ wow♡

tomato sauce with super juicy eggplant♡

The pasta texture is amazing and the sauce is woooooooooo♡ the best!!
I wondered if they serve the same dish in the dinner time and had a look at the dinner menu.

▲ oops?!

It’s even greater?!
All the dishes feature the quality vegetables♡

▲ The side dishes also look so gorgeous!

I must come here for the dinner time as well!!!

▲ Such a nice place♡