【GOTOUJIN Hamamatsucho brunch】Nagasaki pref.’s island Gtou’s special cuisine experienced in Hamamastucho! (Shinagawa area, Tokyo)♪

This isHALOO

Today I would like to introduce a place to enjoy Nagasaki cuisine in Hamamatsucho♪

▲ This is how it looks♪

Looking ethnic?♪

We hope that they still serve food coz it is 11pm now…

▲ Funny Nagasaki pref.’s??? character welcomed us♪

and the house is very biiiig!

▲ ppl are so cheerfully drinking♪

▲ nice♪

▲ We liked the atmosphere very much♡

▲ what a big cage!!!

This is a restaurant specialized in a small island’s o Nagasaki pref.’s cuisine!

▲ they gave us this private room♪

and we found this wall paper!

▲ church?@@

right! coz it’s Nagasaki!!!!! where the western ppl first arrived

▲ 異国感が良い刺激です♪



They apply i-pad for making orders!

I am bad with technology so my friend chose the food for us and ordered them.

▲ ♪

Beer and Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) have arrived♪

▲ The Otoushi is a soup! very rich aroma of seafood♡


▲ cheers♪

▲ This is my friend’s main dish!

He wasn’t so hungry nut this was too tempting and had it all at once!!

The tender fish meat with salt and lemon was perfect. He said!

▲ and more drinks xD♪

He enjoyed four drinks thanks to the tasty fish!

and for me, this dish was the best♪

▲ “Nasu no Agebitashi“♪

it was too delicious♪

Eggplant captured the soup stock and soy sauce and it takes so yummy♪

▲ The extra seasoning is Nagasaki pref.’s specialty as well!

We go the last train now so must run ♪

everything was super tasty♡

▲ such a nice place to dinner late♪