【KINOJI 】Authentic Japanese cuisine in Sasazuka! (Shinjuku, Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

This is coiku

Today I encountered such an amazing place so I would like to share my experience!

▲ This is the place i was always curious when i walked by.

The menu is so tempting…..

▲ I love all the dishes listed…….

▲ The have course menu too…..

I always wanted to try this place but every time I had a look inside there were good looking people quietly enjoying their dinner and I didn’t feel that I would fit there…

However! this very day was different!!!

▲ Seemed so cheerful or it was more like loud!!!!



ppl seemed to b having so much fun chatting with each other!!

▲ so I entered…..

He is the chef but before the chef, one customer at the bar noticed about me and spoke to me.

‘Come in! young lady! you can join us if you are gastronomic lady!’



▲ I got Sake, the one chef recommend.


▲ with the friendly customers.

I am glad they are so nice♪


They told me how much they love this house and how special this house is.


▲ The chef is super busy all the time preparing all the dishes alone!

▲ My first dish was Tomato pickles!

I so wonder how he can pickle tomato like this in Kasu!

Before the chef, the friendly regular customer told me how.

hahaha xD

It is sooooooo impressive!!!!!

▲ Udo Sumiso! is my second dish!!

This with Sake is just perfect and i lost my words……

The seasoning of the miso and the texture of Udo…….. it was unbelievably tasty……


▲ and the third dish!

The texture of Nobiru and the sophisticated delicate taste of Kabu….
Elegant soup stock is so much enjoyed♡
Too delicious and I keep sighing……

The friendly regular customers told me “You are gastronomic so join us anytime!” xD

▲ having good time like this.


▲ they shared their sweets with me♪

Such an art of the chef♡♡♡

I am so hapy to have benen able to enter this house today!!

I cannot believe the pricing too……. It was so good and I payed less than half of my expectation///


I highly recommend this place for everyone who love the authentic Japanese cuisine♪