【KOREYA】Nice Washoku in Kitasenju! (Tokyo!!!)

This is Yukachi!

Today I would like to report my dinner at this place called “KOREYA”! in Kitasenju!

▲ This is the entrance♪


▲ and the Lantern!

Looks elegant♪

▲ And it looks like this inside!

They have big tables too but I sit in my favorite space! The bar counter!

▲ Cheers with beer!

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink)『Tsurumusasaki and Shimeji no Ohitashi』!
The bitter flavor of Tsurumusasaki is refreshing and tastes well with the soup stock…♪

『The food menu』

Some of the dishes I wanted to have were sold out already in the early evening!

How popular!!

▲ wooohooooo!

Very photogenic『Potato salad』
The special sauce on top is unique and tasty!
Nice match with beer♪

▲ and

Chicken dish

▲ Soon tender and juicy!

Very nice with Sudachi citrus♪

▲ then,,

『Shallot Tosazu pickles』
Very nice and refreshing♪

▲ What a nice dinner♪

They have many seasonal menu and i need to come back again to experience more what they offer xD♪

Thank you♪