【Yakiniku ×Modern Korean PANCHAN】Authentic Korean in Tamachi! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening! This is Ebizo!!

Today I came to hamachi  to introduce a restaurant called 「Yakiniku ×Modern Korean PANCHAN」

Lets’ go!

▲ Exciting♪


▲ The have 2 floors♪

▲ This is the second floor!


Let’s order!


House made Kimchi is so tasty!

『£ kinds of namuru』


『Premium Yukke』


『Kanjan Shrimp』

This makes the drinks more enjoyable!

『Yannyom Shrimp』

It is pickled in chili and the lime match so well(^o^)丿

▲ Japanese beef !

Let’s cook it(゜o゜)

『Matured tangue salt』

Very tender!

『Mino stake』

Cook them too!

▲ <Korean style♪>

The Korean waiters speak perfect Japanese!!!!

▲ A photo for the memory♪


『Yukkejan soup』

Spicy again xD

Im coming back here soon!

▲ <yayyy with everyone♪>