【Ishiusubiki Teuchi KYOURAKUTEI】Authentic Soba restaurant in Kagurazaka! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Yukachi!^^

Today I would like to introduce a Soba restaurant in Kagurazaka!

▲ This is the place♪

Let’s go in!!

▲ yayy♪

So popular♪

▲ We got the table!

The Soba smell is so nice in the shop♪

▲ Menu!

mmmmmm what should i take♪

▲ Soba. Udon menu




▲ I love this beer!

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was Kombu Tsukudani♪

It was thick and very rich!!!

Ayu Tempura!

Looking like they are swimming!

▲ beautiful♪


▲ with a pinch of salt

very rich!^^

▲ and

Vegetable Tempura

▲ and

Hamo Tempura

▲ and

Fugu tempura

▲ then the last dish

main is Soba『Hiyashi Yuba』

▲ wooohoooooo!

Sooooooo delicious! The Yuba is the premium part of Tofu and the taste is like soy milk and the texture is amazing!

▲ and my dish is this2 colors Soba♪

2 colors Soba

▲ beautiful♪


▲ and

we got 『Sobayu』
with soup and wasabi♪
sooooooooo delicious♪♪

▲ yay

We will come back again♪