【Stew ya】Locals’ hidden bar in Kitasenju! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Yukachi!

Today I came to Kitasando to enjoy the seasonal fish Sanma!!

▲ The house looks this xD

The building looks like that of Edo period but the sigh says “Stew shop” lol!

▲ Inside the house is this!

Small and cozy xD

▲ We got beer to start the evening!


▲ They are certified beer masters!!!!

Wow!!!!! I can tell the difference actually…. It is real tasty♪

▲ Th menu.

Wooooooo…. everything is tempting…. lol

▲ The drink menu is this.

The pricing is nice xD

▲ This is the first dish!

Huge and fresh 『 Échalote』
Goes perfect match with beer and it prevents catching cold, they say♪

▲ The second dish.

『Salt Sea urchin』This is my first time! It is very different from the Sea urchins I know!
I love this sweetness and saltiness together with the sticky texture!!! This should go so well with Sake!

▲ The third dish!

Winter season’s specialty『Fried Oyster』

▲ yay!!

So big! the outside is super crispy and the inside is melty soft!
Lemon, Japanese mustard and sauce with tartar sauce!!!! xD hoe tasty!!!!!

▲ and the main dish!

Very seasonal『Sanma salt grill』

So fatty and delicious!!!!
I am sooooooo happy!!!!!!

▲ Soon satisfied!!!

The house is called “Stew ya” but they don’t sell Stew.. lol

They have Hot pod and that’s popular. so next time i will try it!!