【SKETCH】Tasty Italian bar where you meet friendly Sasazuka locals♪

Good evening!

This is Haloo!

Today i would like to introduce a place I recently found!

▲ The menu is fancy♪

I always saw many ppl in this house cheerfully enjoying their night and I wanted to go in but i was hesitating for I didn’t know anyone..

▲ But this night, it seemed to be easy for me to go in, coz there are some seats available at the counter..

So let’s go!!♪

▲ I love this interior♪

▲ There are tables too♪

quite cheerful ♡

▲ You can probably tell this good atmosphere ♪

▲ The menu♪

They have many different kinds of drinks♪
I must take sparkling water♪

▲ This Italian sparkling water has strong gas and no unique smell♪

I love it♪

▲ The food menu♪

▲ T wine variation is so rich!!!

Green salad♪ Half potion!

I could eat it a full potion actually♪ It is tasty xD
The owner spoke to me from the bar and we were chatting then his friends joined u.

▲ I made new friends ♪

All theses local ppl are so friendly and nice♪

Mushroom risotto

The mushroom flavor is super rich xD it is a super creamy dish! pretty heavy but satisfying!!♪

▲ The owner♪

his frying pan technique was awesome! and he can make good cocktails too♪

▲ They have unique liqueurs i am curious…

I should come back here for more food and drinks and new friends lol♪


Thank you so much for the great night!!!