【KNOCK CUCINA BUONA ITALIANA Ebisu brunch】Popolar Italian place opened it’s new brunch in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is McClaine!


▲ Today I was craving for good pasta and came here!

I am super excited because I am a big fan of this house, it’s main brunch in Roppongi!


The first dish is this!


I cannot put this impressive taste into words!!!! it is a bread with raisin and dip in this mascarpone cheese!

The next dish is this!


▲ It is a salad, but not just a salad!!!

It has a crunchy potato on top and all the vegetables are so fresh! the texture overall is fantastic!!


▲ A plate of meat!

Makes us wanna have more drinks!!!


▲ woohooooo!!!!!

This duck meat is awesome!

I am pretty full but still wanna explore the world of this cuisine!


▲ Look at the pasta dish!


So tasty!!!


▲ I completed in a second xD!


I wanna come here soon again!


▲ thank you!!!