【Partenope】Authentic Napoli cuisine, very popular among girls! (Ebisu! Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

This is Neko speaking xD


▲ Today I came for dinner with my friend from Ikebana school (Japanese flower arrangement)


▲ The place for dinner is this xD

「Partenope」in Ebisu!

As I arriver earlier, I was watching people on the street. Many girls stopped in front of the place to look inside.
This place is surely attractive for girls.


▲ The interior is girly too.

We have ordered Limon-cello with soda top up since this place is specialized in South Italian cuisione!


『Napoli style fishcake with Pizza doe and Nori』

(*^o^*) This goes so well with the drink we were having!!!!

And! We want red wine now xD


▲ Very smooth and light red wine


『Hum and pickles on plate』


『Grilled vegetables』

(*^o^*)The basil sauce is beautiful and the sweetness of the vegetables is filling mouth with the juice!!


『4 Cheese of the chef’s choice』

All the cheeses are unique ones and we were highly satisfied with this experience!


『Margarita with cherry tomato』

This is exactly what my stomach wanted xD
The sweet cherry tomato makes me so happy!!!
It is fresh and light so we ate all at once xD


『Lobster pasta』

It has super rich flavor!!!


▲ The place was full in the early evening so we suggest that you make a reservation!

It was such a grate dinner xD