【Yasai&Umadashi KICHI by MINOKICHI Seibu Ikebukuro main brunch】Authentic Japanese cuisine in Ikebukuro!(Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!
This is Maimaimie

Today I came to this restaurant to introduce the potential of Japanese Dashi! Dashi is referred to as Japanese soup stock that is used in most of Japanese dishes!

▲ Looking nice xD

▲ We got this private room xD

▲ They have many different herbal tea which are effective for good health and beauty!


▲ and my husband took Shouchu as usual xD lol


▲ I am having Japanese white wine to match with the Japanese dishes we are going to have!

▲ I very much enjoy this xD

The choice of the glass is so good too xD

Today’s salad 

Since I am an expert in vegetable industry, I can assume which prefectures these vegetables are from xD
They are all fresh and taste wonderful xD

▲ We got rice dish too!

『Kamataki Konsai Gohan』The rice is cooked with Japanese speciality, mountain vegetables.

▲ Super tasty!!!!!!

This Kyoto carrot is beautifully tasty.

The pickles came together with the rice’s amazing too!!

▲ Ginger is delicious too!

▲ This is the last dish!

It is a soup made of white Miso.


I am very much happy with the dinner tonight xD


Thank you!!!