【Meigetsuan Ginza TANAKAYA main brunch】Soba and more in Ginza!

Good day!
This is Chacha speaking!

Today I came to Ginza for my favorite Soba place to where I can take my child!!!

▲ Very close to the Sukiyabashi crossing!

The place is called「Tanakaya」.

They serve very sophisticated house made Soba and grate appetizers.

▲ This is the place!

▲ They have two brunched in Ginza and this is the Main brunch I always come!


▲ We are seated in the half private room for I am with my little child xD


▲ Potato salad!

This is what I recommend for everyone!!! It’s very popular among all my friends!
The next one is …

Japanese picklesSoo colourful xD

I love each taste…..

▲ Hoya shellfish Shiokara!

Wooooooo this one is also my favorite xD This is perfect for sake♪

▲ The restaurant looks this inside xD

▲ Haha Shidhalda is here too xD

▲ Today I am with my friend who enjoys drinks with food.

So we are ordering many dishes which go good with alcoholic drinks!

▲ Hotaruika Vinegar-miso marine

This is perfect for Sake…..

▲ Japanese beef skewed with onion


My daughter is being a good girl, pretty sleepy.

The sofa is comfortable for her too.


The next dish is

▲ Konowata (Fish innards)

I love this salty rich flavor……

We ate all at once xD


Finally we ordered the main dish Soba

▲ Mekabu Oroshi Soba

It’s pretty hot in Tokyo now so we decided to have a cold Soba!


It was so refreshing and very tasty.


I was again highly satisfied♪