【Ginza Aster (Matsuya Ginza brunch)】Authentic Chinese cuisine in Ginza!


This is Chacha!


Today I came to a Chinese cuisine to enjoy Dim Sum with my daughter!

▲ A very popular restaurant!

“Ginza Aster!!”

Lets go inside!

▲ A lot of Dim Sum!!!

▲ Relaxing!

『Seafood spring role』

we had it with a pinch of salt!

Super tasty!!!
The crispy spring role with tasty seafood xD


『Steamed wantan with aromatic soy sauce』

I ate this all in a moment!


『3 different Steamed dumplings』


▲ We are very much satisfied!!!


▲ The sweets we chose was this!


▲ She loved it!


and this!

▲ mmmmhhhhh…. Very delicious!!

Grate lunch time!