【Yakiniku KISEN Ikebukuro brunch】Korean home food place in Ikebukuro!



This is Hikono speaking!
Today I came to Ikebukuro for my dinner!!

▲ A Korean restaurant!


The interior!

▲ Cheers with Lemon cider and beer!


▲ Lets see the menu!♪

▲ We got the salad!

And Kimchi plate!

▲ Very nice xD


▲ wooo! My favorite Garic!!!


▲ and Yukke!!!

▲ cannot wait!!!!

cannot wait!!!!This is tongue!

▲ Tada-!!!

This is tongue!


▲ preparing them….


▲ Bon appetite with lemon sauce!

mmmm…. I love it!!!!
I can eat this forever……

▲ The drink menu is this!♪

We got Makkori! A Korean liqueur!

▲ Meat sushi.


▲ Orange sorbet

They have a course for 5000yen! It serves 15 dishes and drinks all you drink! How reasonable!!!!