【YONAYONA BEER WORKS Shinjuku-higashiguchi brunch】Newly opened Beer bar in Shinjuku!!!

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!!


Today I came to Shinjuku to introduce you a new restaurant!

▲ This is the place!♪


▲ Go down this stairs



▲ The wall is filled with the beer!!!!! xD♪


▲ I love this interior!!(*´▽`*)


▲ The beer servers!!!

How many taps do they have…?!?!?!!?

▲ Very cheerful!


▲ The table is unique too!!

▲ The menu!♪


▲ The menu continues…♪


▲ ?

I go for this!!!!(^^)!

▲ seasonal beer edition!

Beer with salt and Yuzu citrus!!!!!


I lovvvvvvve this!!!!

▲ My friend took the same one!♪


▲ Sausage plate!

Woooooo we highly recommend this place!!!!!!