【Robata to tempura yatai SAKURA tei】Japanese pub to enjoy Tempura and Robata! (Tokyo!!!)

Good evening everyone!
This is Ebizo!

Tonight, I am in Shibuya to experience this new pub where we can enjoy tempura and Robata casually!(^O^)/

▲ This is the first floor♪

They have three stories!


Let’s order food and drinks!!

▲ Otoushi (Small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this xD

Super healthy (*^^)v

▲ Robata menu『Super thick asparagus』

Very satisfying♪


▲ <Huuuuuuge!!!!!>

It is like a bomb!『Shirauo Kakiage』

Let’s have it xD

▲ 「Yayyyyyyy♪」

We enjoyed the dinner very much!(^^)!♪