【Nami no Ue(On the Waves)】Very fancy modern Japanese restaurant in Shinuya (Tokyo)!!!

Hello! This is Kaede!
A friend of mine told me about a nice Japanese restaurant in the West Shibuya so today I have visited there!

I really enjoyed it and I would like to report my experience!

It was located in a back street and was rather local’s hidden place!


▲ This is how it looks from outside.


▲ The sign.

As we entered, there was a huge bar-counter!


▲ gorgeous!

This is the kind of place I wish to take my date if I had one! Lol


▲ Cheers with the cute looking owner of the house xD

The Otoushi (A small appetizer comes with the first drink) was 『Bean and Marinated salmon』


▲ The salmon with olive oil was delicious!

This been was something new to me and I loved it!
It is a kind of Edamame but a special one!

春菊と燻製鮭ハラスのサラダ 1,050円

『Shungiku and salomon salad』 1,050円

A bunch of salmon was hidden in the green xD


▲ There was a roe on the top!

mmmmm….. This is brilliant! I wished to have white rice with it!


▲ The chefs were preparing the salmon with this equipment.

I loved to be watching their work.

The next dish was this.

日本酒で自家製ウォッシュチーズ 750円

『House made cheese washed with Sake』750円

The aroma of the Sake in the cheese is fantastic xD
I never knew this before!

As I wanted to see the work with the equipment, I ordered 『White asparagus』!!!

ホワイトアスパラ炭火焼き 600円

▲ 600円

The black pepper tastes beautiful with this!!
The sweetness of the asparagus is very much emphasized!!


▲ I am sooooooooo happy xD

And! They serve 『Oden』as well!!!


▲ 『Egg』『Konbu』and 『Bacon cheese』3 together for 900Yen

The soup stock to prepare this Oden tastes wonderful!!!!

The last dish for today is this xD

霧島豚と九条葱の白湯しゃぶしゃぶ 小 2,500円

『Shabu-shabu』 2,500Yen


▲ woooooooooooo xD

All the spices go perect with the pork xD

I squeezed lemon in it and it tasted so well as well!!!!!

Such a grate harmony!!!!!

They have a lot more different menu and I was so tempted to all of them so I know that I will come back here again!!!!!!


▲ They have a space like this too.


▲ And the second floor is for a big party!


▲ Simple and nice interior!

I wanna come back again as soon as possible!!!

Anyone interested to dinner with me there????

See you soon xD