【OKINAWA Shokudou】Authentic healthy Okinawan cuisine in Wasoeda! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!)



This is coiku! I am a cross-cultural interpreter and I am vegetarian xD


Today I was in Waseda for my work but for I am not familiar with this area we took a long time to find a place to have lunch.

However the place we finally decided on was fairly nice so I would like to introduce it!

▲ This is how it looks from outside!

It is an Okinawan place xD

▲ And they sell the vegetables too!

▲ There are small tables and a bar counter and one big table for 5 ppl.


▲ They have a lot of Okinawan dishes!!!!

Also! Whole grain foods!!!!! Wooooo! I am super excited now!!!!!
Most of my colleagues ordered Okinawa noodle, and I took a set menu with Tofu dish!!
There is just one person in the house and he got more than 10 orders now.. I wonder how he can handle this….

▲ The sticky noodle looks so tempting……

Boys ate it at once!!

▲ I wanted to take a photo of him eating it but he has already had it all!!

And my set menu is this!!

▲ sooooooo niiiiiiiiice xD

The brown rice is super nice texture!!! And the salad is slightly pickled and its taste is sweet and sour…. I wanted more!!!!


Tofu dish is seasoned perfectly!!!!


And I ordered two topping vegetables!♪

▲ yayyyyyy xD♡

this is damn tasty…….


Now I want more rice for this…..


▲ This seasoning is Okinawan specialty!!! It is garlic in Owamori sake!!

And another set menu my friend got was this!

▲ The rice is called “Juicy” and its Okinawan specialty as well!

The house was busy with local people including family with children and western ppl living near by!!


We so much enjoyed the food here xD

▲ They have many Okinawan drinks and side dishes too!!! Sweets also!!

▲ I will come back here again for sure xD♡