【Asian Cuisine A.O.C.】Neo fusion Asian cuisine in Azabujuban! (Tokyo!!!)



This is Ebizo!!!


Today I am in Azabujuban!


I am here to introduce「Asian Cuisine A.O.C.」!

▲ This is the place!♪


▲ The interior is like this xD(‘’Д’’)


▲ The lace is so busy!!!


Even though this is a newly opened place, its so popular already and there many foreign customers too!!!!

▲ I love this wall!!♪


▲ Such an art!!!!!!

Can you see the mini Corona beer is sticking to the cocktail???

The hard liqueur is frozen and the Corona melts it!!!!

▲ This green chili sauce is delicious xD !!!!!


▲ Papaya salad!

▲ Steamed chicken!!

Very tender!!!


▲ This lemon cider contains special lemon of which we can eat the skin!!!!


▲ Octopus and herbs!!!!!


Wooooooo I love this taste!!!!!

▲ Fish dish is also sophisticated!!!!


▲ Crape of pork and vegetables with fresh herbs!!!!

This Vietnamese style omelet contains shrimps too!!!

The sauce is tasty too!!! And its huge!!! xD

▲ Curry!!!



▲ more food lol !!!

I know that we are eating too much today!!!!


▲ the last dish for today is this Chicken rice!

They offer various dishes from cuisines of all Asia!!!!!
we are super satisfied with the range, and the quality!!!!!!


Such an entertaining place!!!!! xD