【Cafe La Boheme Shinjukugyoen】Tasty Italian place right in front of the Shinjuku gyoen park! (Shinjuku, Tokyo!)



This is coiku. I am a cross-cultural interpreter and a vegetarian xD


Today I would like to introduce an Italian place located right in front of Shinjuku gyoen park!!


First of all it such a nice location as we can view the green of the park in front and fresh air is felt here xD


I am meeting two friends from my childhood and I arrived late,, so they were already having the desserts.


fluffy xD♪

『Apple pie』came with ice cream!♪

What am I gonna have…..?

Friends recommended me past dish so I chose what I a vegetarian can enjoy xD

▲ and I ordered the set menu with the pasta!!♪


▲ Limon chello was yummy xD♡

▲ This salad! The freshness of the vegetables is awesome!!


▲ The cute bag for the cutlery!♡

▲ Yayyyyyy xD

This is my dish! 『Arabiata』


Its very tasty and I ate it all at once xD

▲ Look at this interior!!

Such a luxury place!!!
At the same time ,     …….♡

▲ They are kids friendly too!!!!!

We had such a grate time in this relaxing Italian restaurant!!!!!