【Kamen Rider Dinner】For all Kamen Rider fans! This is the place you visit!!!!!



Today I was finally able to visit a place I had been wanting to!!!
It is the 「Kamen Rider Dinner」!!!

▲ It is located in this building!!


▲ Let’s go!!

▲ Look how exciting!!!


『W B X』

If you are a Kamen Rider fan, you probably recognize that this is one formation of the Kamen Rider.

▲ As there was a scene when a character called Alan was eating Takoyaki, this dish was designed and offered here!!!


▲ and then this!!

This only makes a sense to those who follow the Kamen Rider story! Lol

▲ and this!!


▲ then this!!! Lol

All the dishes and drinks have a story and name related to what really happened in the story of Kamen Rider and it should be very exciting for the fans!!!!!
For Kamen Rider has been popular over many decades, there are customers from many different generations!!! Old to kids!!!!!!



It was such an amazing experience!!!!!!!!