【Shokuraku TAWARA】What an Authentic Washoku place!!! hidden in the tiny street in Jiyugaoka! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

This is HALOO

Today i would like to introduce a fantastic place i found the other night♪

As i was walking in Jiyugaoka with my friend, he found this tiny street and

▲ he said that we should have a look inside♪

Yeah, it seems fun♪Why not? let’s go in!

In the street there are five or more houses and each place has different atmosphere♪

▲ This is the place!!!

My friend’s inspiration decided to have a drink at this one♪

▲ It is a pretty small place but is cheerful and we are excited♪


▲ mmmmm……. It is actually very nice feeling to be here….


▲ The menu♪

Let’s first try this 『Appetizers』

My friend drinks a lot and i cannot but i should get one drink to be with him lol♪

▲ Hoppy and  my『Otoko ume cider』

▲ Cheers♪

What the heck is 『Otoko ume cider』

This is insanely tasty…..!!

and the appetizers!

▲ waaaaaaaaaaaw!!!

Can you see???? Each one of them are prepared separately and they look amazing!!
and, they are super delicious!!

Each one is just beautiful♡
We ordered the same plate again♡lol

We are already falling in love with this place to be honest…..

▲ Sooooo happy ♪><♪

▲ More menu♪

My friend go the 4th drink and i got my second one!

We have a feeling to be able to encounter more of super delicious food here!!

『Spinach ohitashi』!!

▲ Woooooooooo♡

This takes a lot more than how it looks!
The aroma of Nori is so rich and makes a beautiful harmony with spinach!!

The spy sauce is very special too……!
I think it is because of the rich soup stock he prepares!!!

Then we thought “Does he never serve an ordinary dish???…『Cold fresh tomato』should be something we can imagine!!!!”

But what we got was this!!!

▲ Waaaaat?

This is so different from what we usually get from any pubs in Japan when ordering 『Cold fresh tomato』

The taste is amazing…!
The clear thin soup stock is penetrated in the tomato up to the perfect degree and the skin-less tomato is tender and fresh….. The sweetness of tomato is emphasized by the soup stock…..
I am wishing that you can feel the beautiful taste of this dish……

▲ and this is what we found in the menu.

It is saying “Thank you very much for taking yourself here this little tiny house today. The only thing I know that I can do to show you my appreciation is to put all my heart into the dishes to serve you. ”

This is really it!!!! This is really what we felt in his dishes!!!! His heart to care, heart to love♡

Thank you very very much 『Shokuraku TAWARA』さん♡