【Asian Dining&bar BHARAT】Super healing energy and food in this Nepali restaurant in Sasazuka! (Shibuya/ Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)


This is coiku

Today I introduce my favorite curry place♪
Very nice Nepali family operates this house and the healing energy is enormous♪

▲ ♪


▲ Terrace is nice too♪

▲ I hope you can feel this relaxing atmosphere♪

Nepali family prepares all authentic Nepali dishes♡
It is filled with love♡

▲ They have 10 pages of this menu list♪

▲ This is the curry menu♪

Which one should we go for today?♪

▲ This comes free!!!

Super crispy and tasty!!!!

makes us wanna have some beer xD

▲ Chai for my friend♪

And I take Corona beer♪

▲ cheers♪

and another friend takes

▲ this♪

It is called Smirnoff  Lemonade
soon cuuuuute♡

▲ the first dish is the Salad

The dressing is a bit creamy and refreshing!
Super tasty and this potion is amazing!!! This is supposed to be for two persons but we three got satisfied!!!!

▲ Nepali dumping of vegetables and potato!

This is my all time favorite♡
makes me feel so warm♪

▲ As we wanted to have some more of the crackers served as Otoushi,,,,

We ordered this one with avocado and tomato on top!!!
The crust has a beautiful smoky aroma and we enjoy this so much♡♡

▲ They told me that I can have one whole potion xD

▲ and Summer roll


Sweet chili and coriander is an unique combination but they go well together….!!

▲ My friend’s favorite dish♪

omelet with….

▲ vegetables inside♪

and the main dish is…..

▲ of course the curry!!!

▲ two kinds♪!!!

One is Keema curry and the another is Vegetable curry!

▲ This Keema is my friend’s all time favorite!

and I am a vegetarian so I take this one♪

▲ Soooooo much vegetable!!!!!

Especially the fresh tomato is super nice in it!!!!!

▲ I ordered half potion of rice too♪

ah yes! we are having ore drinks now xD

This relaxing space with great meals always make us feel like home and wanna drink more than we usually do xD♡ lol

Even me who cannot drink much now is taking the second drink of the day! and my friends are taking their third drink!!

▲ cheers♪

They have sweet tooth and

▲ ordered

▲ two kinds ice-cream♪


▲ This!!!!

Tandoori chicken♪

▲ We got hot chai in the end and

super satisfied completely!!!!!!……♡

sooooo happppyyyyyy ♪

▲ Thank you Master♡ He always provides us the best dinner time♪