【Bettako】Homey and gastronomic Izakaya in Jiyugaoka (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)♪


This is HALOO

Today I am with my friend who loves bar hopping♪

We have just one hour left before the last train so, let’s find a place to take the last shot of the day!

My friend wanna go to this place!

▲ Seem to be homey!♪

▲ Good evening♪


▲ woo the second floor looks cool!♪

▲ and half-probate rooms♪

▲ The bar counter and the big table in a open space♪

▲ menu♪

▲ very colorful

▲ The drawings help us to decide which ones to take♪

we are seated here by the way!

▲ hahaha♪

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) is this!

▲ Cabbage with two dips♪

Love the spicy one♪

and this Shijimi no Tsukudani also came as otoushi !!

my friend loves this♪

▲ cheers! for more than 10th time today lol

▲ starting with♪

Green pepper with hot sauce!♪

▲ Cheese spring roll♪

Shiso aroma is perfect with this♪ Ketchup? I didn’t believe this combination but in fact it went we..♡

So crispy and nice♪

▲ Shio Yakisoba♪

Sorry I only remembered to take a photo after eating some potion…

The bunch of cabbage is grate and satisfying! the seasoning is super rich and tasty!!!

▲ We r gonna eat some more! lol

▲ This is the tasty dish of this night♪

Yama-imo Mochi and cheese! triple sticky Okonomiyaki!!!♪

▲ so melty!!!

Fluffy melty and sticky!!! makes us go woooohoooooojoooooooooooo♡

Seriously everything was yummy♡



All the waitresses resumer friendly and nice too1

I came back to the house in one earlier evening to take this photo and have a light meal♪

▲ go in this tinny street and

▲ this is the house!

▲ Nice indication♪

▲ ♡