【MARUMASA Ebisu brunch】 Addictive Yakitori with salt and pepper in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

Good evening!!!
This is Ebizo!

Today I came to Ebisu to experience Yakitori specially served with salt and pepper instead of Yakitori sauce!


This is the place!



▲ The bar!

▲ Sake!!!!!

They have a variety of Sake including rare ones♪

▲ The tables!

The have a space for a big group of ppl too!

▲ Mr. Ono, the owner!

He was working in the bar♪

Let’s order food!

▲ This was the Otoushi! (small appetizer comes with the first drinks)

It was a chicken soup!(*^-^*)

『Potato salad』

my favorite dish in Izakaya!


mmmmm… Such a homey dish!!

This made me wanna taste more of stewed dishes!!♪

『Stewed chicken innards』

I have never had the chicken version of this dish!

Let’s go for the main Yakitori!!!


Such a texture!

『Wasabi Sasami』

Salami contains no fat and very easy to eat!
The Wasabi is such a nice accent!!!(*´▽`*)


Skin is crispy and the meat is moist♪ highly recommendable!

And the meal to close the dinner is this!!

▲ <Tada——–!!!!!>

It is suer rich and tasty!(^^)!

Such a nice dinner(*^^)v♪